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Create memorable visitor experiences

Your customers’ experience starts when they arrive on your premises, making the car park both the first and last place to make a lasting impression. A post-COVID-19 shopper is looking for contactless and convenient ways to access your centre and pay for parking.

To achieve this, we effectively improve and digitise existing onsite hardware and provide you with the vital missing pieces. We can also set you up with a completely new digital interface, using the parking industry’s most advanced technology on the market.


Improve guest satisfaction
  • Cashless payment options to satisfy post-pandemic demand
  • Create an efficient flow of traffic through your car park
  • Parking payments in as little as 30 seconds
  • Easily manage bookings online or via our app

Increase operational efficiency

  • Reduce the administration associated with handling cash
  • Reduce parking-related complaints
  • Automated car park management
  • Detach your team and business from non-payment penalties
Hotels and Hospitality
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Improve tenant and visitor experience

Drivers Help Desk upgrades your parking facilities using the industry’s most advanced technology, integrating our solutions with what hardware you currently have to deliver an improved tenant and visitor experience.

We focus on automating your parking processes, from establishing seamless and protected access to the building, through to future- proofing your parking facilities.

Reduce internal admin and improve team productivity

We work with your management team to develop and implement an automated car park management solution that minimises parking complaints, leaving your team to run the office building.


Diversify parking revenue both on and off event days.

Collect real-time data with predictive availability technology to dynamically yield the price and supply of parking inventory at your venue. Allowing you to gain maximum revenue and optimise car park performance 365 days of the year. Our technology automates traffic management, which in turn, decreases queuing times and crowding. As a result, our superior system increases spectator entry and exit speeds from the car park to keep attendees safe and reduce operational costs.

Stadium and Event


For the first time in history, supermarkets have the opportunity to generate incremental revenue from unused parking bays, without impacting the availability of space for direct shoppers. Our multi-tariff strategy enables supermarket chains to sell surplus parking bays whilst keeping the car park free for direct shoppers. We are determined to create new customer experiences, channels and revenue streams right from your car park.


Reimagine your town centre through more efficient parking.

Efficient parking within local towns and city centres has the ability to provide numerous benefits that can greatly improve the lives of our communities. In the long term, suitable parking can help reduce excessive CO2 emissions and better our planet tremendously.

Local Authorities


Time is of the essence at airports, as travelers need to quickly and easily park, whether at the beginning, to catch their flights, or at the end of the customer journey.

Delivering a great customer experience is hard. This is where we can help – quickly answering calls at payment machines and just as efficiently resolving issues to allow travelers to pay and get on their way.


Commercial real estate properties strive to provide convenient and easy parking for their tenants and guests, to constitute repeat customers and a positive experience. This is where Drivers Help Desk aptly fits, by efficiently resolving issues when they occur, to keep traffic flowing and preserve the relationship with various constituents. Parking is a crucial element of your property, introducing visitors and tenants to all the value your location has to offer. Real estate companies and property managers all strive to provide convenient and easy parking for their valued parking guests. Thanks to our solution, you can consistently deliver a positive experience, all while collecting as much revenue as possible.
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